Lexington One Educational Foundation Awards Spring 2023 Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grants

January 17, 2023

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Julie Anderson Washburn, Lexington One Educational Foundation Executive Director
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Megan Moore, Lexington District One Communications Director
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January 17, 2023, LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Lexington District One Educational Foundation recently awarded 13 Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grant Awards to deserving teachers in Lexington County School District One. Spring Grant awards totaled $3,173 and will positively impact 1,378 students in 10 schools in the district.

Congratulations to all of the Educational Foundation’s spring Michelin Golden Apple Grant Award winners:

  • Beechwood Middle School – Anne Peterson
  • Centerville Elementary School – Angie Flitter
  • Forts Pond Elementary School – Patricia Deaver, Jennifer Dingeldein
  • Lake Murray Elementary School – Julie Gies, Ashley Yelman
  • Oak Grove Elementary School – Katie Alexander
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School – Kathryn (Liz) Blackmon
  • Pelion High School – Katrina Thompson
  • River Bluff High School – Jennifer Gibbons, Jeremy Searson
  • Rocky Creek Elementary School – Neely Swygert
  • Saxe Gotha Elementary School – 2nd Grade Team (Haylee Boltjes, Jennifer Byrum, Tracey Lee, Danielle Tibbs & Cindy Hornsby)

The leadership team at Michelin North America’s Lexington, SC sites is terrific to make these grants possible through generous annual donations. Accordingly, the Educational Foundation offers this grant opportunity to Lexington District One teachers in the fall and spring of each school year. Teachers can apply for up to $250 in grant funds to help provide unique educational experiences for their students. The grants enable teachers to purchase items that enhance students’ learning opportunities that are not typically supported by the school budget.

Some of the spring projects chosen include the creation of a tabletop garden for special education classes to have hands-on experiences so they can learn about the life cycle of plants and all they need to grow; purchase of science kits to allow students to model processes of DNA replication, transcription and translation; and the purchase STEM kids for hands-on learning of light and sound exploration. Another grant buys rocket kits for Algebra 1 Honors students to learn real-world applications of mathematics by constructing rockets and testing various levels of force used on the rocket launcher to collect data and predict patterns. In addition, students enrolled in a Health Science Technology course at one school will use materials bought through the grant to engage with simulated limb/life threatening injuries to stop the bleed. A few other grant projects will buy books with the grant award in order to enhance current classroom literacy efforts and increase the reading skills of students.

Congratulations to each of these educators for their accomplishment in earning one of the Lexington One Educational Foundation’s spring Michelin Golden Apple Teacher Grant Awards! The board and staff of the Educational Foundation deeply appreciate Michelin’s continued generosity and commitment to Lexington School District One teachers and students through the company’s long-standing partnership with the Lexington One Educational Foundation!


invested in Lexington District One in fiscal year 2022-2023


All K-2 students benefited from the Counting Collections for Mathematics Grant


Awarded in Scholarships and/or Higher Education Grants