Lexington Emergency/Education Assistance Plan

LEAP is our Lexington Emergency/Education Assistance Plan that supports Lexington District One in two important ways. The Emergency fund provides financial assistance to our families in need, in addition to offering a number of need-based grants to students and schools. The Education fund provides educational support via grants for important initiatives that the district budget is unable to fund. Generous employee donations make both funds possible, as the Lexington District One school year kicks off with a LEAP Campaign each year. Watch our 2022 LEAP Video to see how LEAP has supported Lexington District One this past year!

Thanks to the kindness of our Lexington District One employees, the Educational Foundation’s LEAP funds have an immensely positive impact in supporting the district! Learn more about LEAP below and how you can make a personal gift to the Educational Foundation’s LEAP funds this year!

LEAP Education Fund

The Educational Foundation’s Lexington Education Assistance Plan supports the district’s educational initiatives and priorities by providing financial assistance in areas of need. When you donate to the LEAP Education fund, you support educational programs that teach our students to communicate, innovate, collaborate and think critically.

We prioritize educational programs that enhance students’ learning.  In the past it provided grants to school libraries and helped build a STEM lab. Recently our focus has been on reading initiatives and literacy in Lexington District One, as the foundation has awarded more than $130,000 in Bucks for Books Grants over the last five years. Studies show that children who have more contact with books become better readers. Appropriately, your support of our LEAP Education fund helps to foster strong readers in Lexington District One!

LEAP Emergency Fund

The Foundation’s Lexington Emergency Assistance Plan supports Lexington District One employees and students in a number of ways. First, it assists our families that have experienced a recent crisis and need temporary help to survive by offering financial assistance and/or in-kind services. Employees and students in crisis must be nominated a current, permanent employee (i.e., individuals may not nominate themselves) and can obtain a LEAP Emergency Application from their school or department volunteer LEAP Representative.

Aid may be given to Lexington District One students and permanent full-time and part-time employees. The fund has helped employees who were struggling with a serious illness, students’ families who’ve suffered total loss from a home fire, as well as many others in need. Assistance may include payments towards utility bills, rent or mortgage, or medical bills, as well as food; however, it typically excludes any payments for housing insurance, vehicle purchases/insurance, childcare, security deposits, domestic dispute, and workers’ compensation issues.

Second, the LEAP Emergency fund provides help to Lexington One students in need of medical, dental, or vision services that prevent the students from learning.

Furthermore, the Emergency Fund provided $76,800 in Helping Hands Grants last school year that the foundation awarded to all Lexington One schools; Health Fund Grants to purchase four vision spot screeners so our nurses could safely test students’ vision; and Dorm Room and Academic Supplement Grants to our graduating seniors with substantial financial need who were pursuing college in a residential setting. LEAP emergency funds exist to help and support our Lexington District One families in need, so thanks for your gifts that make such assistance possible!

Find more information about the Lexington One Education Foundation and our LEAP program.

How To Give

Lexington District One Employees may make financial donations to the LEAP campaign anytime during the year. However, employees can only choose payroll deduction and annual leave donations during the campaign period, which is always during the first few weeks of the school year. Individuals who do not work for the district may also donate to our LEAP funds and/or considering giving to our other Educational Foundation funds that support Lexington District One. We welcome individuals to contact our executive director to learn more about how to support the Lexington One Educational Foundation’s many endeavors.

How To Apply

To apply for LEAP Emergency Assistance, please contact your school’s or department’s volunteer LEAP representative as listed below. This volunteer will provide you with a LEAP Emergency Application and assist with the application process.

Cats Kick Cancer

For Lexington District One students or staff who are struggling financially due to a tough battle with cancer, your LEAP application will also be considered for additional support from the Cats Kick Cancer Fund.  The LHS Boys Soccer Team and Coach Will Gettys caringly established this fund in 2018 to help support individuals in Lexington District One who are battling cancer.  The team members are passionate about the cause and the Educational Foundation is privileged to receive donations each year and administer the fund along with its LEAP Emergency Fund. Watch our Cats Kick Cancer video to learn more about this wonderful, restricted fund that supports Lexington District One students and employees who are battling cancer!

LEAP Representatives

Cameron Anderson
Asst.: Stacy Clarke
Sarah McCarthy
Asst.: Kathleen Oswald
Jessica Moyer
Asst.: Tyler Smith
Ashley Carter
Nicole Barker
Asst.: Elizabeth Tester
Janet Pond
Asst.: Bethany Bastedo
Amanda Barker
Asst.: Alice Wilson
Abigail Buchanan
Asst.: Katey Bailey
Julie Shealy
Asst.: Angie Derrenbacher
Susan Howsare
Asst.: Olga Brown
Julie Herndon
Asst.: Christen Weidner
Kim Nunnery
Asst.: Christina Reed
Ashleigh Near
Asst.: Amy Long
Sarah Gillespie
Asst.: Nicole Smith
Richard “Rick” Masters
Asst.: Susan Goff
Caroline Cartin
Asst.: Shannon Cornelius
Sarah Huey–Clowney
Asst.: Davis Myers
Clarice Mondeel
Asst.: Amanda Huffstetler
Mary Catherine Whisnant
Asst.: Marie Lewis
Ruth Spence
Asst.: Susan Harmon
Jennifer Still
Asst.: Jenny Taylor
Hali Dooley
Asst.: Rhoda Simmons
Kathryn Cook
Asst.: Dona J. P. Smith
Shannon Waites
Asst.: Kathy Mobley
Kristin Tarcza
Asst.: Tiffany West
Angela McGinty
Asst.: Jody Britt
Krysten Sidaway
Asst.: Camille Reynolds
Deanna Thacker
Asst.: Andrea Slice
Jennifer McPherson
Asst.: Ruth Arndt
Courtney Bass
Asst.: Shannon Wessinger
Corrine Hash
Asst.: Neelam Verma
AES/Adult Ed
Karen Elliott, Susan Helton, Mary Carpenter
CS - Fiscal Services/ Operations
Mindy Epps
Angie Renner
Jennifer "Ginger" Abbott
CS - Instruction
Wanda Smith
CS - Special Services
Leonda Broderick
CS - Communications/ Student Services/ Superintendent
Shellie Cochcroft
Adrianne Bazemore
Joanna "Jo" Stafford
Food Service
Polly Peyinghaus
Asst.: Ashley Summers

invested in Lexington District One in fiscal year 2021-2022


Total number of students impacted by Bucks for Books Grants that support literacy


of our 30 schools in Lexington District One received foundation support in 2021-22