Educational Foundation

Lexington County School District One

As a source of growth and support for Lexington County School District One, the Educational Foundation’s mission is to support education and enrich the quality of life in our community by raising and managing funds. We accomplish our goals by developing terrific partnerships with local individuals, businesses and friends who wish to financially support Lexington District One. Contact us today to learn how you can help plant seeds in support of Lexington District One!


Through gifts from our many terrific partners, we plant seeds in Lexington District One that bloom into amazing educational opportunities for our students! We enhance efforts to empower our students to design their own futures through our many scholarships and grants opportunities.

Thank you for personally supporting Lexington District One by making a donation today to the Educational Foundation!


invested in Lexington District One in fiscal year 2022-2023


All K-2 students benefited from the Counting Collections for Mathematics Grant


Awarded in Scholarships and/or Higher Education Grants