Lexington District One Educational Foundation Awards 2024 Administrator of the Year Award to Dr. Bill Coon

May 16, 2024


Julie Anderson Washburn, Lexington One Educational Foundation Executive Director
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Megan Moore, Lexington District One Communications Director
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May 15, 2024, LEXINGTON, S.C. — On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the Lexington One Educational Foundation presented its 2024 Joseph M. Bedenbaugh Administrator of the Year Award to Dr. William “Bill” Coon at the Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees meeting. Established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2005, this prestigious award recognizes an outstanding and deserving administrator in the district, while also honoring an esteemed administrator from the original Lexington District One staff of 1952, the late Mr. Joseph M. Bedenbaugh.

Mr. Bedenbaugh worked in the district for 36 years serving as a seventh-grade math teacher, principal and assistant superintendent for personnel and federal programs. The Educational Foundation remembers and honors Mr. Bedenbaugh annually as its leadership presents this award to a contemporary administrator in Lexington District One at the end of each school year.

An educator for 38 years, Dr. Coon has served as the founding principal of Meadow Glen Middle School since 2011. He began his teaching career at Alice Drive Middle School in Sumter, SC, first as a social studies teacher, then as an assistant principal in 1995, and subsequently as principal in 1998. Dr. Coon joined Lexington District One in 2005 as the founding principal of Pleasant Hill Middle School and in 2011 he was asked to lead the opening of Meadow Glen Middle School.

A team of four Lexington One administrators nominated Dr. Coon for this prestigious award, including MGMS Assistant Principals Brian Lim and Alisa Long, Lexington District One Executive Director of High schools and Postsecondary Pathways Dr. Luke Clamp, and New Providence Elementary Assistant Principal Maggie Frick. In the nomination packet, Ms. Long shared, “Dr. Coon is a visionary leader who has helped transform educational practices in Lexington One. Dr. Coon considers all students, regardless of background, when making decisions and values the strengths that a diverse group of learners bring to the table. I am privileged to work for someone who is a champion for students and the Lexington One community.”

Each nominee for the Bedenbaugh Administrator of the Year Award is evaluated on the basis of 23 leadership criteria. One Meadow Glen Middle School teacher shared that Dr. Coon “leads with his heart and makes everyone feel valued. He is positive, encouraging, and pushes his teachers and students to be better people every day.”  A MGMS student stated, “Not a day has gone by where he hasn’t smiled at me and told me that it was going to be a good day.” One other student shared that Dr. Coon is encouraging, “He makes things positive, improves our school experience and makes us feel comfortable in our school.”

Dr. Coon has earned many awards and accolades during his educational career, such as 2016 NASSP State Principal of the Year and a two-time finalist for the national Silverberg Award. In addition, both MGMS and PHMS have earned multiple Palmetto Gold and Silver awards for academic achievement and closing the achievement gap. MGMS was named a Special Olympics Unified Champion School, a National Mentor School, a National Credentialed and National Site Seminar School, and, most recently, a 2024 Palmetto’s Finest School.

Regardless of all honors earned, teachers, staff and students refer to Dr. Coon as a very beloved and compassionate leader whose motto continues to be, “Take care of yourself and take care of each other.”

Dr. Coon’s wife, Carolyn Mishoe-Coon, and their children, Matthew Coon and Megan Coon, as well as many individuals from Meadow Glen Middle School attended the Lexington District One board meeting to celebrate the honor.

From all shared, it is very evident why Dr. Bill Coon stood out among the other nominees as the best choice for the Lexington One Educational Foundation’s 2024 Administrator of the Year Award in Lexington District One.


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