Congratulations to the Foundation’s Fall 2019 Walter P. Rawl School Garden Mini-Grant Award Winners! 

September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019: The Lexington One Educational Foundation is fortunate to have Walter P. Rawl & Sons provide funds for school garden grants biannually to our Lexington District One schools. These grants range from $250 to sustain a current school garden and up to $500 to build a new school garden. The purpose of the grants is to provide Lexington School District One’s schools an opportunity to enhance students’ knowledge of diet and nutrition by providing financial assistance toward a school garden or other live plant project. 

We extend congratulations to the following schools and project leaders that were chosen as the Fall 2019 W. P. Rawl School Garden Mini-Grant award recipients: 

  • Beechwood Middle School – Anne M. Peterson and Haleigh D. McCarta 
  • Meadow Glen Elementary – Caroline M. Cartin 
  • Midway Elementary – Dorie J. Bermas 
  • New Providence Elementary – Erica M. Schumpert 
  • White Knoll Elementary – Gianina R. Hayes 
  • White Knoll High School – Sarah J. Fisher 

The winners were recognized at the September 17, 2019, Board of Trustees meeting for this honor. Susan Clifton, Vice President for Finance and Accounting with W.P. Rawl & Sons, was not able to attend, so the Educational Foundation’s executive director, Julie Anderson Washburn, presented the awards on behalf of WP Rawl & Sons. Mrs. Washburn stated during the presentation, “We continue to be grateful for WP Rawl & Sons and the Rawl family’s continued generosity towards Lexington District One students and schools through these terrific school garden grants!” 

Projects funded this fall will create three new gardens, while sustaining three others, and educate 524 students. The grant projects will teach or expand students’ knowledge of gardening and nutrition, teach science standards regarding the life cycle of a plant, teach vocational training to special needs students, and grow a variety of plants such as kale, collards, and carrots. Many of the teacher leaders also hope to instill a love of gardening and healthy eating in their students through the grant funded projects! 


invested in Lexington District One in fiscal year 2022-2023


All K-2 students benefited from the Counting Collections for Mathematics Grant


Awarded in Scholarships and/or Higher Education Grants